Monday, July 26, 2021

Computer Rental as a Solo Business

Many people who are not really meant to be employees. People who cannot stand an eight-to-five job with lots of office restrictions. If you were one of those who feel that you cannot be an employee ever, then putting up a business such as a computer rental shop would be best for you. Experts say […]

Buying an Existing Computer Rental Business

Computer rental these days can be a lucrative business especially in those areas where people do not have adequate technological access. But, putting up this type of business can be a hassle especially those who are not really knowledgeable on what pieces of equipment and gadgets to buy. If you are one of those who […]

Additional Services in a Computer Rental Shop

When people think of a computer rental shop, they immediately think of computer use and internet access. But this is not the only thing that you can provide for your clients. If you want to expand your business and your income, use your space wisely and provide as much service as you can while utilizing […]

A Good Computer Rental Shop

There are a lot of computer rental shops out there that provide the same service as the rest of the pack. But if you want your computer rental shop to stand out among your competitors, check out not only how fast your computers and your internet access are but also the chairs, the tables and […]

Is It A Computer? Is It A Phone? Wait, It Is Both… And More!

The development of technology over the years has been a source of wonder to many people, and during our lifetimes we will all see developments which will have us saying “I really never thought I would see the day…”. For people who remember a time when taking your computer to the car would have required […]

The Rise Of The Laptop Computer

One of the main elements of technological advance is that over time, any platform will be made smaller. As we had the telephone, now we have the mobile or cell phone. As we had the gramophone, so we invented the record player and eventually the compact disc. And inevitably, while computers started out being so […]

Computing And Language – A Marriage Made In Hell?

About twenty years ago, “computing language” meant one thing, and was something only comprehensible to trained programmers. Yet today, it is much more likely to refer to a type of slang that is used among online communities. This has brought mixed results, some of which may be good and others very, very bad. Some people […]

The Simplification Of Personal Computers

Once upon a time, anyone who knew how to do anything with a computer beyond switching it on would have habitually been referred to as a “geek”. Certainly, if you spent any more than an hour a day using a computer for anything other than work, you would have been considered uncool. However, recently the […]

Your PC – From Box To Desktop

As time goes on, any technological development will be refined and re-refined until it is automatic and can be operated by a trained monkey – and then it will be honed some more. As easy as we now find it to operate a personal computer, there was a time when it required a great deal […]

Great Things About Computers #6: Writing

The development of easier-to-use personal computers has contributed immensely to the ever-greater quantity of writing being done in this day and age. Although opinion will naturally be divided on whether this is a good thing, it has certainly democratized the process considerably, meaning that more and more people can get their writing published or publish […]